Posted by Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association on Mar 05 2020 at 07:18PM PST

Incoming coaches and managers…

We will be working on compiling team contact lists for you this weekend. As we are in a waitlist situation in many divisions we are being very careful to enter all data correctly.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and eagerness but we are not quite there yet.

As evaluations close coaches and evaluators are juggling their jobs, families and other commitments to meet and discuss team formations. It is not a “cut and dry” procedure and a lot of thought, time and planning go into the process – we appreciate your patience and understanding of our volunteers during this part of the preseason.

To answer some questions we are receiving:

Yes – there will be practices scheduled during spring break based entirely on coach’s availability.
Your coach will fill you in when they are organized.

Yes – the practice schedule is near complete and no – we will not be releasing it until after tyke evaluations are complete.

Yes – we are on schedule for the season ahead.

Yes – we will try to accomodate requests where relevant and possible but we make no guarantees that your “asks will be answered”.

Yes – there is only one female team per division and therefore no evaluations.

Yes – the equipment manager and scheduler will make sure jerseys are distributed to coaches/managers prior to opening day.

Yes – every player will need a 100.00 jersey deposit cheque and no – this is not negotiable. If you don’t use cheques regularly this gives you time to ask a family member or friend for one prior to your player receiving a jersey. No cheques – no jerseys.

Yes – we are doing our best for all members of the associations and sometimes…things just take time!

Yes – we appreciate all our players and families and we know that 2020 will be a terrific season.

NDLA Executive


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